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Tech 2017: Techmen Online’s biggest technology stories


For many, 2017 will be defined by fake news and the fight-back against it.

Others will point to the blog that uncovered sexism and sexual harassment at Uber, helping force the resignation of the ride-hailing firm’s founder and paving the way for other controversies to be uncovered.

Gamers may prefer instead to celebrate Nintendo’s revival thanks to its Switch console, and motorists to highlight Elon Musk’s desire to electrify the trucking industry.

But you, BBC Tech’s readers, focused your attention elsewhere – at least as far as our figures on what you clicked on suggest.

Below are the stories you made most popular for each month of the year.

The quiet death of 3D TV was the first of the year’s big stories. When Sony and LG unveiled their new television ranges at the CES Las Vegas tech expo, it soon became apparent none of the models supported the format. Samsung and Philips had already ditched the technology the previous year. Strictly speaking, 3D-on-the-home-screen wasn’t totally extinct – Panasonic came out with a new set in February – but a combination of consumer apathy, frumpy glasses and uninterested streaming services had clearly doomed the extra dimension. With CES 2018 just around the corner, the question is whether we’ll soon be able to call time on curved screens too.