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A broken glass piece can be joined to its original form, Japanese research reveals


TOKYO: A Tokyo-based research has generated concept to join broken glass piece into its original form.

Glass made from a new semitransparent polymer developed by Japanese researchers can easily be repaired by compressing the fractured portions for several hours at normal temperature. Hydrogen bonds in the polyether thioureas act as a natural adhesive.

Research team from Tokyo University has prepared this new theory that molds back fractured pieces of glass with capacity of built-in repair using semi-transparent polymer, foreign media sources shared.

The research provides that the fractured glass piece can be shaped back to the original form by compressing it up to 28 centigrade within an hour exposure of heat.

This theory defends this concept to be utilized in the manufacture of the glass used for vehicles that will be stronger and durable than the ordinary category.

A team that includes Takuzo Aida, a professor of Supermolecular Chemistry at the University of Tokyo, published its finding in the US Journal Science on December 14 this year.

The mentioned study was labeled ‘significant’ as per views by Yu Yanagisawa, a member of the University of Tokyo’s department of chemistry and biotechnology.